Small Wonders


Starting with the day Anna got her angel wings, there have been small wonders that pop up in our lives. There have been butterflies galore, a pesky dragonfly, weather that seemed to mirror our mood every day the first week. Here are some of the more notable occurrences:

The Rainbow

We lost Anna in a room on the ninth floor of the Columbia Children’s Hospital with a majestic view of the Manhattan skyline. The weather that tragic day was tumultuous: huge rain storm, incredible thunder, bolt after bolt of lightening, billowing, back-lit clouds, bright sunshine. Anna did not enter heaven unnoticed. We kept looking for a rainbow -- a sure sign she was in God’s hands. But alas, nothing. When Nora and Henry came in the door that first night, we had steeled ourselves to tell them that their sister was gone. But what was the first thing on their minds? The beautiful rainbow they had seen that afternoon. Anna knew who needed a rainbow that day.

The Bunnies

One of the last fun things we did in July was have a tag sale. It was like a three-day house party. Our house was filled with friends and we met many neighbors. On the last day of the sale, our friend Annette brought over her two bunnies. Henry and Nora had a great time playing with them and holding them as Anna looked on. That was the day Anna learned about bunnies. Six days after she was gone, the four of us were walking through Bronxville on the way back to our car after dinner. In the twilight, on the only patch of grass in the village (which was the lawn of a funeral home), a tiny bunny looked out at us. A sign, maybe? The next day, we saw another brown bunny happily munching grass near a hedge by our house. The next week, Steve came face to face with a bunny in the middle of the night at camp. Well, I’ve been looking for turtles, but Anna obviously prefers bunnies.

The Pink Flower

When Anna was about ten days old, Steve planted a row of white impatiens in the front of our garden. One little white flower in each tiny plant soon grew into a billowing white border. Perfect. The day after Anna died, we were sitting outside trying to let the sunshine penetrate our dark moods. And that’s when we saw it. Amid the uniform white border was one beautiful bright pink flower. Just like an angel amid heavenly clouds.


As if she is sending us signs: I’m OK.

Bunnies, bunnies everywhere: down the street, at camp and in the center of town.

Pretty in pink.

Light from heaven.